Postcards from Alberobello

Perhaps the most popular tourist destination from Puglia, is the small town of Alberobello. “The city of the Trulli”, how is often called, resembles nothing else you have seen before. A “Trullo” (the singular from Trulli) is the name of an unusual type of dwelling: round white walls, gray conical roofs with a point and no windows. Continue reading “Postcards from Alberobello”


Visit Bergamo – architecture and nature wonderland

The foggy and cold and too early morning of a late November, revealed to us right after landing at Orio Al Serio Airport, a beautiful and charming city from the north of Italy. Fading like a ghost in the milky horizon, with the Alps raising from behind, Bergamo conquered me right from the start. I knew I was gonna love it!

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Why Plovdiv should be your next travel destination

I had this image about Bulgaria, that only small towns and ethnic villages – Veliko Tarnovo, Balcic, Sozopol, Nesebar, Arbanasi – or the natural sites scattered all over the country are worth visiting.

I was never keen on visiting any big city because I had traveled for work in Sofia twice, and I did not like it too much. What would a big city bring other than ugly communist buildings?

But Plovdiv, the second largest Bulgarian city, is a whole different world.

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The UNESCO Mountain Park from Kassel

Only in Kassel, there’s a whole park, Wilhelmshöhe Bergpark (or Mountain Park) that’s enlisted today as a UNESCO World heritage: Lowenburg or The Lion’s Castle, The Oldest Public Museum in the world and Hercule’s Monument are all here, and all worth visiting. Continue reading “The UNESCO Mountain Park from Kassel”


Hvar Island: from north to south, day and night

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

How about 20 pictures or 50?! Well then, I could easily start a novel with how many pictures we took on the Croat Hvar island, last year. And back then, I wasn’t even writing travel stories on my blog.  Today, I would probably fill a 2GB card in just two days.

But let’s get to the exciting part at once, right? the pictures and also a few travel tips. Continue reading “Hvar Island: from north to south, day and night”


Sibenik and the picture perfect landscape

Sibenik was not in our plan when we first traced the roadmap for our Croatian journey. But Varazdin was not either and turned out to be such a great discovery!

We were leaving Zadar that morning, heading for Krka National Park, when my partner said we could stop for a couple of hours in this town called Sibenik that he had heard good things about from a co-worker and that is located less than 20km from Krka park.

“YES, LET’S GO THERE TOO”, I said right away 🙂 always so excited to see new places.

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Hărman and Prejmer fortified Churches – UNESCO World Heritage in Romania

The long weekend for May Day – or International Workers Day – invited us on the road again. We visited places in our beautiful country that we have never visited before: the Fortified churches of Harman and Prejmer, very close to Brasov city, enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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