Hvar Island: from north to south, day and night

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

How about 20 pictures or 50?! Well then, I could easily start a novel with how many pictures we took on the Croat Hvar island, last year. And back then, I wasn’t even writing travel stories on my blog.  Today, I would probably fill a 2GB card in just two days.

But let’s get to the exciting part at once, right? the pictures and also a few travel tips.

Hvar island is long and narrow. It’s further apart in the north from mainland and gets a lot closer to the south. There are only two places where you can get on a ferry with your car: Split port and you get to the north of the island at Stari Grad, and Drvenik, located 100 km south and you reach to the southern tip of Hvar at Sukuraj.

Split, left behind

We arrived at Stari Grad town after a cruise that lasted 1.5 hours. We did not visited it, but I kind of regret it now, because it’s the oldest town in Croatia with a UNESCO site at Stari Grad Plains, so it must be good right?

We went straight to Hvar town, 20 km further North and our enjoyable stay on the island begun.

Hvar – the town

Hvar town has developed around a small bay. In summer days, the port is filled with boats: small fishing boats to private yachts or the big Cruise ships.

The central square has some beautiful buildings and St. Stephan Cathedral is one of the landmarks.

Hello World! @ St. Stephan Cathedral
Yup, this is how I pose:)


But the most famous landmark is Fortica citadel that oversees the whole town from the heights of a hill and offers a one of a kind perspective of the whole bay area. You can take your car but everything is in walking distance in Hvar town and you can climb to the fortress by foot also.  The ticket to visit is 4EUR and closes the gates at 9pm.

My advice is to wait for the evening or come back in the evening as well because then the view gets really spectacular.

Amazing sight, right? Sooo Right!




Hvar is famous for the nightlife as well. It’s claimed to overpass Split when it comes to summer parties.

It’s indeed very animated in the evenings and some of the yachts turn into floating parties and multi colored lights mirror the shaking waters like disco-balls. However, in our opinion Split was more vibrant in the evenings. Maybe because the summer was ending when we got in Hvar, at the beginning of September or maybe because we’re getting older and don’t know where to look for the parties anymore:).

The Beaches

Secluded beaches are the best thing in Hvar. And Dubovika beach is a slice of heavean, where we have returned each day. Because once you find a gem, you stick to it! Rounded pebbles, and crystal waters, and a hippy bar with a hippy owner that was taking regular swims back&forth accompanied by his cute little dog.

Isn’t this Paradise?



And Other Places

The journey on the island has ended, and because next stop was Dubrovink, we chose to take the ferry in the South of the island. But travelling the island from N to S is something I strongly recommend along with a couple of other stops:

  • Jelsa – is yet another lovely but more peaceful little town.



  • Humac village: a small placement of stone build houses from 13th century, owned by the people from near villages to be closer to their farming lands


  • Lavander oil, Rosemary oils and fresh figs. You’ll find many counters from local farmers, with home made products and with really good prices.


  • And many others awe-inspiring views at every turn of the road.


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4-6 September 2016

24 thoughts on “Hvar Island: from north to south, day and night

    1. It is! and everytime I see pictures on my facebook feed from friends that get there for their holidays, I so want to go back. But there are many other places just as beautiful to discover, so I try to change the destination each summer. But I know for sure, I’ll come back in Croatia someday:)


    1. I loved Hvar a lot! It’s more expensive than other destinations in Croatia (but not as expensive as Dubrovnik) and although it’s a small island, there are many things to visit and to do.


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