5 Reasons why I love to travel to Italy

In a couple of days only we’ll go on a new trip to Italy and I recently realized that we traveled here so many times, twice a year in the last 3 years only. And this makes it our second most visited country, after Germany!

To honor this new discovery about my travel patters, I have made a short list of the reasons that always draw me like a magnet towards this beautiful country.

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PUGLIA – my initial plan and the bucket list before the trip

We celebrate summer right from the first month, with a one week trip to Italy’s seaside.  My friend, Patricia, came up with the idea to go to Bari and while at first I was reluctant in engaging in the trip – just because that’s me, a procrastinator when having to decide something – now I cannot wait for it! And the excitement grew exponentially since I had started to do research of the region and saw how many wow wow WOW places there are: the towns, the landscape, the history and cultural legacy and delicious Italian cuisine and then natural parks and blue flag beaches, all bundled in Puglia, the high heel on Italy’s map.

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Travel with your parents | Milano & Verona – part I

No matter what age you are, you’ll always be your parents’ baby and they will be
overprotective with you. My parents like to travel (I guess I took that from them) and they have crossed our country in many ways, but I also heard them wanting to see more from Europe, their trip to Moscow over 30 years ago and to Turkey 25 years ago hardly counting anymore. And so many times, I have asked them to do that. But the answer was: not this year, we have other priorities (aka. we need to save money):
“You’ll go to college.” OK, college finished but then
“You’ll have to find a job, maybe it’s not that easy.”, job checked
“You’ll get married, we need $$ for the wedding.” girl got married and then
“This and that and the car is old and the roof is broken and … we’re already getting too old and tired for travelling”. The list of reasons will never end unless you end it.
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