Hvar Island: from north to south, day and night

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

How about 20 pictures or 50?! Well then, I could easily start a novel with how many pictures we took on the Croat Hvar island, last year. And back then, I wasn’t even writing travel stories on my blog.  Today, I would probably fill a 2GB card in just two days.

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Sibenik and the picture perfect landscape

Sibenik was not in our plan when we first traced the roadmap for our Croatian journey. But Varazdin was not either and turned out to be such a great discovery!

We were leaving Zadar that morning, heading for Krka National Park, when my partner said we could stop for a couple of hours in this town called Sibenik that he had heard good things about from a co-worker and that is located less than 20km from Krka park.

“YES, LET’S GO THERE TOO”, I said right away 🙂 always so excited to see new places.

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Three symbols of Zadar – Greeting the sun, the first Sea Organ in the world and the Historic Churches

We stayed only one day in Zadar but we managed it pretty well. We got up early in the morning, had a tasty breakfast, got our sunglasses and sunscreen lotions and went straight to Nin beach, 10 km away from the town. It was the 4th day in Croatia already, and we were dying to finally get to those crystal waters and chill in the sun. There are other more spectacular beaches in Croatia, but I still enjoyed the Nin lagoon a lot. Before the sun became waaay too hot and dangerous, we got back to our b&b and prepared ourselves for the long walks in the old town.

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Plitvice Lakes or Krka Waterfalls – which one is better?

A short and simple answer is they are BOTH beautiful places! but as tourist you have to make many choices based on time, money and own’s personality and I hope our experience and the pictures below will make it easier to pick. Continue reading “Plitvice Lakes or Krka Waterfalls – which one is better?”


A classic itinerary in Zagreb … and something new

Zagreb was the second stop in our Croatia by Car trip.  We arrived here in the afternoon despite leaving Belgrade early and driving only on the highway, because we lost almost two hours at the customs between Serbia and Croatia.

We enjoyed a lot our two days stay in Zagreb and it was enough to get the vibe of it because it’s not a big city. But there are many things you will love about it: it is an affordable medium sized capital, clean, animated day and night, with many options to stop for drinks or to eat without breaking the piggy bank. The narrow streets with short colored buildings in the old town, or the wide squares and boulevards and neatly displayed imposing buildings in the modern town – can all be explored at a slow pace by foot. Continue reading “A classic itinerary in Zagreb … and something new”


Croatia by Car

10! That’s how many places we got to see in our car trip to Croatia.
It took us almost two weeks and over 2200 km by car to complete the loop from the Romanian border at Iron Gates and back.
On the coastline, the landscape leaves you breathless and you find picture perfect spots at every step. #NOFILTER! Continue reading “Croatia by Car”


Varazdin, orasul de langa Zagreb/ Varazdin, a city near Zagreb

[RO] Rezumat de călătorie:

  • Varazdin a fost capitala Croației timp de 20 de ani, între 1756 și  1776.
  • Este cunoscut și sub numele de Mica Vienă, datorită clădirilor în stil baroc bine păstrate
  • Špancirfest: este un festival anual de stradă, cu muzică și costume de epocă, ce are loc în luna August
  • Centrul vechi este micuț și îl vizitezi la pas într-o zi dar orașul abundă în obiective turistice

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