Burg Altena – the first youth hostel

Not once, while travelling in North Rhine Westphalia, had we heard talking about Sauerland… If you’re a lover of recreation activities: trekking on scenic mountain trails or mountain biking or even water sports, this land of fields and forests is a great place to do all that and more. And of course, scattered here and there are also a few pretty nice towns.

One of them is Altena, a small town that stretches on the river banks of Lenne.

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Lüdinghausen and three moated castles

Some weeks back I was writing about Munster, this town in Germany that we know so well because we have visited it 9 times already. But we have also explored the nearby area and in this article I will tell you the story of another German town, where you find not one, not two, but three moated castles.

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Munster in a nutshell: Bicycle Capital of Germany and Green City

Munster is the town we have traveled the most outside Romania. Once a year in the past nine years, and the more I get to know it, the more I love it.

This town can be described in many ways, but to sum it up it’s the bicycle capital of Germany, it has one of the highest standards of living in Europe and has some of the best universities in Germany.  Continue reading “Munster in a nutshell: Bicycle Capital of Germany and Green City”