Why Plovdiv should be your next travel destination

I had this image about Bulgaria, that only small towns and ethnic villages – Veliko Tarnovo, Balcic, Sozopol, Nesebar, Arbanasi – or the natural sites scattered all over the country are worth visiting.

I was never keen on visiting any big city because I had traveled for work in Sofia twice, and I did not like it too much. What would a big city bring other than ugly communist buildings?

But Plovdiv, the second largest Bulgarian city, is a whole different world.

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Veliko Tarnovo – the town of the kings

It’s that time of the week again when I get to share with you another story about yet another beautiful destination: the Bulgarian town Veliko Tarnovo (Veliko Turnovo).

It’s perfect for 2-3 days visit, has a lovely topography, cultural heritage for art lovers, intriguing past for history nerds and on top of it all it’s a very affordable town. Well, I think I convinced you already, didn’t I? Continue reading “Veliko Tarnovo – the town of the kings”


Arbanasi, a Bulgarian village build from stone

Arbanasi is a beautiful village perched on a high plateau, only 4 kilometers away from Veliko Tarnovo town.

It is a good weekend stop for those who need a couple of days of relax-time in nice hotels or guest houses and enjoy nature and the beautiful countryside and the good food.

Otherwise, if you are the active type of tourist, you can see all of it in just a few hours.

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Day trip ideas: the rock hewn churches from Russe

OK, OK … Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv were the shining stars of our road trip in June, no doubt about that, but we found a few other hidden gems often missed by tourists.

Check here more about our roadtrip to Bulgaria.

The first ones are the Rock Hewn churches from Basarbovo and Ivanovo, less that 20 km away from the Romanian Border, in Russe area.

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A car trip to Bulgaria, but not to the sea side

Who else is happy that the 1st of June is now a bank holiday in Romania? I know I am!!! So this year, because 4 and 5 June are also holidays, with only one day of work leave, we got ourselves with a total of 5 days away from the office life.

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