Travel with your parents | Milano & Verona – part I

No matter what age you are, you’ll always be your parents’ baby and they will be
overprotective with you. My parents like to travel (I guess I took that from them) and they have crossed our country in many ways, but I also heard them wanting to see more from Europe, their trip to Moscow over 30 years ago and to Turkey 25 years ago hardly counting anymore. And so many times, I have asked them to do that. But the answer was: not this year, we have other priorities (aka. we need to save money):
“You’ll go to college.” OK, college finished but then
“You’ll have to find a job, maybe it’s not that easy.”, job checked
“You’ll get married, we need $$ for the wedding.” girl got married and then
“This and that and the car is old and the roof is broken and … we’re already getting too old and tired for travelling”. The list of reasons will never end unless you end it.
So I put and end to it early November 2015 when I called my mom and told her that Continue reading “Travel with your parents | Milano & Verona – part I”