Visit Wernigerode – a few travel tips

Pinch me right now, I must be dreaming! This is how I thought when setting foot in the beautiful Historic Town of Wernigerode.


Located in the Harz mountains from Lower Saxony land,  Wernigerode is nothing you would expect from a town developed around metal mining and wood industry. Grey and shabby buildings and dusty roads don’t belong here!

Instead, the brightly colored, timber framed houses that are hundreds of years old, appear like they had been erected yesterday and align on the sides of everlasting cobblestone streets.



Make a two days stay here, because any less is certainly insufficient to cover everything this town has to offer.

The Central Market was my favorite place and the Old Town Hall is the focal point and the most beautiful building! No market is complete without a fountain, and the “Benefactor fountain” that commemorates the people who put their heart and soul in the service of the town is yet another outstanding monument.

The Fountain to the Left and the Gothic Half-Timber house Old Town Hall to the Right
The Town Hall, what an amazing architecture!

Don’t miss the Wonky House or the Leaning house, a museum today, where you can also test your sense of balance.


Look how wonky this house is today:) From the same reason the Tower of Pisa is leaning: the soil

Enter the smallest house of Wernigerode, less than 3m wide, but plan your visit well, because they close their doors at 4pm daily. We missed the last admission by 5 minutes, but now you know better and you will not repeat this mistake :).

The Miniatur Park “Little Harz” is another place that we could not see because it’s opened starting with the middle of April until November and we were visiting the town in late March. But otherwise, I think it’s a nice place, located not too far from the historic town, in a beautiful public garden.


Just get lost on the streets! Your eyes wonder everywhere and your heart will pump faster of the excitement at every turn of the road. The “Breite Strasse” or the Wide Street is the most recognizable of them. If you’re already tired from all that walking, there’s this colored and fun city train that takes you on a tour of the old town.DSC05458_1

800 years of age makes St John Church the oldest church from Wernigerode.

St John Church

Oh, but wait, I’m not over yet, there’s more! There is a castle here, the sort of castle that makes you imagine knights and princesses and spells to be undone. But although the foundations are quite old, the actual building is dating back to the 19th century only. Situated on the tippy top of a hill, is easily reachable by foot from the old town. Because of this privileged location, the Castle can be admired almost from any part of the old town.
The 6EUR ticket is well worth spending for the inside visit.DSC05436_1



And the adventure still goes on!!!

The historic steam line that was connecting all the villages in the Harz mountains is still operating today. You can take the steam train to get in no time to Brocken, the highest peak of the Harz mountains in a beautiful journey of the past.

April 2017

29 thoughts on “Visit Wernigerode – a few travel tips

    1. That’s exactly how i imagined:)) Like a place where a tale of The Brothers Grimm could take place. In fact, they have in Germany, this thing called : “The fairy tale route”, and it consists of the towns from Germany that inspired the tales of the Brothers Grimm. However this one is not part of this lane, but it’s just as fantastic:))


    1. Lovely indeed! Thanks for mentioning the Main area, I haven’t been there yet. Germany is one of the countries we travel the most, because we have relatives there, but they live in the N-W Germany, so until now, we mostly concentrated those areas. Thanks for stopping by. I just checked your lovely travel blog as well, I’m in process of writing my own article about New York, that we visited 4 years ago already. Time flies. I hope to get back, and also see the NY Library that we missed. I’m also a book lover, so would make it my priority next time:)


  1. I really believe Germany has the most beautiful towns. We visit Germany a few times a year and Wernigerode will definitely be added to our list. It is just so beautiful and that yellow train is a must!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I also think the same. It’s a beautiful country, the landscape is really nice also. I have started to discover in the last years also, the charm of the small towns, rather than the crowded and busy big cities.


  2. I thought maybe I had visited this town, but now I’m not so sure. I don’t remember being in a wonky house, something I would love. Regardless, I love the cobbled streets and charm of this little town.


  3. Really like those buildings! Looks like exactly how I would imagine classic German cities to look. Would love to stroll the street with a wurst in hand!


    1. We dined at a places called Brauhaus Wringerode. The place looks really nice, also nice service. But I cannot say that the food was amazing, it was good, but nothing spectacular


  4. What an amazing place to visit. I already went to germany and i liked the futura, but this small places are much better.


    1. Hi, thanks for reading my article. But you have to explain to me what you mean by “futura”, I’m not sure I know what you are referring to, and you made me really curious:)


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