A relaxed afternoon at Westerwinkel castle

In Munsterland, it’s all about the castles!
We have visited so many of them on our last journey, but there are still many many more.

In fact, there is a roadmap of 100 castles in the area!!!

But so far, Westerwinkel is one of the nicest, or better said, it fits my taste in castles the best!



Built in the 17th century, it is not that ancient, but it is one of the oldest baroque buildings in Westphalia. And since then only minor structural changes were done to it.

It is a medium – small sized castle in rectangular shape with 4 pavilion towers at each corner and with the typical westphalian window blinds in wood.



Visits to the inside are allowed only 3 days per week: Friday, Saturday, Sunday between 14:00-17:00 pm.

We got here Monday evening …

The property is really nice. The castle has two concentric moats and then a large green outer yard with pedestrian alleys and tall trees.

It’s not too far from the A1 motorway, but it’s far enough from the any kind of noise and crowd, in the middle of a fairy tale landscape.






A golf club! 

What once was belonging to the castle property is today transformed into a golf club, and dominates the surroundings of Westerwinkel Castle.


There is a large parking place belonging to the golf club, to the left wing of the castle. And next to it, there is a smaller parking lot for visitors of the castle.


March 2017

15 thoughts on “A relaxed afternoon at Westerwinkel castle

      1. Oh well we don’t really have tips since we lived there so long ago… but some places don’t change. And it was a pity that while we lived in Amsterdam and probably walked all over it, we did not take a lot of photos!


    1. Thank you, I’m so happy to hear that. There are so many castles all over Germany, we have seen only a very small part of them. But both North Rhein Wesphalia and Lower Saxony (that we have so far visited the most) are really nice.

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