Marienburg – A castle for a birthday

Marienburg, this beautiful Gothic Castle, located 30km away from Hanover, was erected in the 19th century by King George V of Hanover as a present to his wife Marie, hence the name Marienburg or “The castle of Mary”.  It clearly had no military or defense purpose, and was used as the Summer residence of the ruling family.


We had a rented car and had arrived here in no time. There is also a free parking lot before the gates to the castle’s courtyard.

On the other hand, because this is such a remote place, getting here with public transport appears to be challenging. Check their website to learn about the public routes as well as the opening times:

How  to Get to Marienburg?

The visits are only allowed with a guide and if you don’t book in advance requesting English language, probably the tour will be in German because most visitors are Germans. But included in the entrance fee (9 EUR) is also an audio guide in your desired language. You enter with the guide, but you’ll listen to your audio guide.


The castle is gorgeous! There is something about Gothic buildings: mysterious and romantic in the same way. We were not allowed to take pictures inside, but the interior is just as impressive and very well preserved and cared for, you’ll love it! The kitchen area is a much more interesting place you may think at first, with one of a kind stories! You could boil an entire animal in those huge pots!

Inner courtyard. Inside the castle, pictures are not allowed.


This was such an enjoyable trip! If you ever come to Hanover, be sure to check this hidden gem.

Until next time, I invite you to read more about our trip in Germany:

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April 2017

9 thoughts on “Marienburg – A castle for a birthday

    1. Many travels in the New Year! It looks pretty much like a fairy tale castle. Comparing to other castles, it is quite new, so it’s in such a good condition, however it has the looks of an older castle, one that hides some secrets;)

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