Lüdinghausen and three moated castles

Some weeks back I was writing about Munster, this town in Germany that we know so well because we have visited it 9 times already. But we have also explored the nearby area and in this article I will tell you the story of another German town, where you find not one, not two, but three moated castles.

Check here more about Munster.

Lüdinghausen is a small municipality, less than 30 km away from Munster. The town itself is really nice and we enjoyed to walk around the central area.




But the best thing about it are the three moated castles. Quite a big number for such a small place. We have seen two of them, the 3rd is reserved for the next time that we go in the area.

Burg Vischerig is the most famous out of the three castles and it has the loveliest setting.

This medieval burg is not big, but it has two buildings connected by wooden bridges. The main building has a unique horseshoe shape and more interesting is the fact that it is surrounded by two moats.



There’s a small museum inside (closed on Mondays) and outside you’ll see a small watermill and in the courtyard of the second building, there is a small restaurant with food and drinks. But also a bread oven on wood, where they bake delicious bread with raisins or with onion or with cheese or with some other delicious spices. It also delivers to Munster, but it’s so much better to get it warm right from the source. The only downside is that it’s only opened on Sundays.


Renaissanceburg Ludinghausen

Bearing the name of the town, this castle was first erected in the 12th century but it was remade as a Renaissance building 4 centuries later and today is was transformed into an exhibition center.



While the other two and the town center are only a few minutes walking distance apart one another, this burg is a little bit over 5 km away from Ludinghausen. This is the oldest out of the three castles and the one we did not see yet. So I can barely wait for our next trip, to go and visit it.

March 2017





9 thoughts on “Lüdinghausen and three moated castles

  1. Wow those castles are beautiful. Haven’t made it to Germany yet, even though I’ve been all over Europe. Looking forward to now. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi:) Thank you for stopping by. Yes, i fully recommend North Rhien Westphalia but also Lower Saxony, where there are many beautiful towns: Hannover, Celle,
      Weingerode, Hamelin …


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