Travel with your parents | Milano & Verona – part I

No matter what age you are, you’ll always be your parents’ baby and they will be
overprotective with you. My parents like to travel (I guess I took that from them) and they have crossed our country in many ways, but I also heard them wanting to see more from Europe, their trip to Moscow over 30 years ago and to Turkey 25 years ago hardly counting anymore. And so many times, I have asked them to do that. But the answer was: not this year, we have other priorities (aka. we need to save money):
“You’ll go to college.” OK, college finished but then
“You’ll have to find a job, maybe it’s not that easy.”, job checked
“You’ll get married, we need $$ for the wedding.” girl got married and then
“This and that and the car is old and the roof is broken and … we’re already getting too old and tired for travelling”. The list of reasons will never end unless you end it.
So I put and end to it early November 2015 when I called my mom and told her that
they needed to ask for work leave at the beginning of December because they were coming with us on a trip to northern Italy and everything was arranged. It is that simple, you don’t take a NO for an answer and you should have done this many years earlier! Why did you wait all this time?

Travel summary

We had four full days in Italy and we visited Milan, Verona, Padova and Venice.

We stayed two nights in Milan and two in Venice and we stopped on the way between them to visit Verona and Padova.
If you plan to rent a car to move between the cities, read well the terms&conditions and don’t forget your credit card if it’s specified you need it, because they don’t accept any other way of payment. We forgot it of course so we had to take the trains. But in Italy the trains are often, they come in time and the tickets are not expensive. If you stop on your way for a few hours to visit other places, the train stations have locker rooms where you can leave your luggage and enjoy your visit.
In Milan, to see the famous painting The Last Supper of Da Vinci inside Santa Maria delle Grazie church, you need to make a booking even few weeks in advance.

In Venice, it was sad to see how the grandiose Basilica St. Marco was slowly sinking because of it’s own weight. There was water into the main hall, the floor was deformed and a strong smell of mold was hitting you right from the entrance.

For Padova, make use of the online audio guides from to better plan your visits.

Why take your parents to Italy for their first travel?

Northern Italy has become one of my favorite places to go for city breaks and it is also a great location to take your old’ folks, for many reasons. It’s close to Romania and you take them to see many famous cities, so close to one another, that they have a lot heard about: Milan and the Dome, Verona the town of Romeo and Juliet, and the beautiful Venice, a city without roads in the Adriatic lagoon.

But these are not big cities and you can walk the historic centers at a slow pace. Italian is a language similar to Romanian and it will not be too hard for them to understand some words and the signs and they will not feel too confused. And add to this the fact that a trip to Italy is not super expensive either.


We started the morning with a visit to the impressive Gothic Cathedral adorned with around 3500 statues. We did not have the time to count them, some other did that before us but we tend to believe them. The square was already crowded with tourists marveling and taking pictures just like us, and a big stage was set up in the square in front of the Duomo for the approaching Christmas holiday.  We went inside the cathedral and also got to the underground ruins discovered just one year earlier and then climbed to the roof to check the city from above. Once our trembling feet got to the ground again and rested, we walked to the Scala Opera House, passing through one of the first shopping malls in the world, the beautiful Galeria Vittorio Emanuelle II. Next stop was the Sforza Castle and the park behind it. We then headed to the church Santa Maria delle Grazzie where Da Vinci was commissioned 6 hundreds years ago to paint The Last Supper. On the way back to the city center we stopped at Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, a truly remarkable site with remains from the roman city walls.

Classic vs. modern or a sneak peak into the future: a view from the Duomo roof

BeFunky Collage1

BeFunky Collage2
Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle & Scala buildng
Sforza Castle & the parks
Santa Maria delle Grazie with ‘The Last Supper’ Painting
BeFunky Collage3
Roman walls outside Monastero Maggiore

BeFunky Collage4It was a full day but we had good weather and enjoyed every step of the tour. The next day we got to the modern quarter of Milan, with the glass skyscraper buildings. We then failed to pick up our pre-booked car because we forgot the credit card, but luckily the train station was near. So we took the train to Venice, but we stopped in Verona first, for a half a day visit.

Central Train Station


After leaving our backpacks to the Verona Porta Nuvoa train station, we crossed by the Porta Nuova gate and continued the route on the main boulevard, also called Porta Nuova. We stopped to eat delicious italian artisanal ice cream because one hasn’t fully experienced Italy without an ice cream, and then entered inside the old city like the royals, through the stone gate “The Bra City Gate”. The wide Bra Square opens up in front and you see the Arena di Verona, a roman amphitheater that stood the test of time, built in the 1st century AD and still used today for opera shows.

Porta Nuova
Bra Grate


Bra square & Arena di Verona

The streets of the old town get narrower and the buildings get shorter, and only pedestrians are allowed to rummage and explore every corner and every square. All of a sudden it got very crowded and it was obvious we were approaching the house and balcony of Juliet. In one of the most beautiful squares of Verona, Piazza dei Seignori, we saw the statue of Dante Alighieri, the most important italian poet, who lived here for many years while on exile from his hometown, Florence. The five Gothic Scaligher tombs are also a must see and were built in memory of the powerful Scaligheri family who ruled Verona and offered protection to Aligheri. One of the most beautiful squares is Piazza delle Erbe with the Lamberti tower where you can climb and have a top view of the city.

Love notes near Julietta’s house
BeFunky Collage5
The lucky boob of Julietta & the famous balcony
BeFunky Collage7
Scaliger Tombs, Dante Aligheri statue in Seignori square & the Lamberti tower in Erbe Square

Next on our list was the Church of San Zeno and the Borsari gate, other strong, beautiful, two millennia old structure. We walked along the Adige river and got to see the Ponte Pietra from the distance, when the sun was starting to set and then went to the train station to put an end to another great day.

San Zeno Church



Ponte Pietra

For the second part of our trip to the picturesques Venice and Padua, come back next week for a new blog post!

Happy travels!

24 thoughts on “Travel with your parents | Milano & Verona – part I

  1. Love this recap of your Milan and Verona travels! I need to write about our trip to Milan, although we only got to see the Duomo from the outside because it closed early due to a Papal visit the next day. Which is a good reminder to do your research and plan ahead!


  2. Thank you for your appreciation!
    Yes, a good planning ahead always saves us from a lot of headaches:). Milan is very nice and also the Como Lake region, very close by. Have you been there too?


  3. Seems like you really packed a lot into your trip. My mom isn’t much of a traveler, she lives more of the “making excuses about money” lifestyle, hopefully one day I can break that cycle of hers and look back on your article!


  4. Hello Yury, yes, I completely understand you, my parents are just the same, but I managed to convince them by planning everything myself from the beginning and not leaving them the option to say NO. I hope you’ll convince yours as well. Travelling is really beautiful


    1. Yes, it was a challenge at some points but i knew from the start that I had to have patience so it was not that hard. And it mattered that we had good weather for December and that we saw so many beautiful things!


  5. This article was very exciting for me to read because this summer I will visit Venice and Verona. Reading this helped me know what exactly to do in these cities as well increase my excitement. Beautiful pictures!


    1. Thank you! I’m sure you will love it. Other tips for Venice are to check also the other islands: Murano, Burano and Lido. You travel by boat between them and they are lovely.


  6. I think Italy should be visited during low season and you did it right esp during December. I miss Italy and you made me miss it more. Great job in traveling with your parents. My husband and I traveled with my in-laws around Europe as well. Its quite a challenge but all is well.


    1. Yes, this was the case for my husband! He was the one taking a bigger challenge than me, but everything turned all right. And yes, in December the places are not so crowded but still a good time for Italy.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I absolutely loved Italy and have been itching to get back there ever since.. awesome review of places I’ve never been! And well done on travelling with your parents! I love my parents to death, but I don’t think I could travel with them. Thankfully, they like to travel on their own.


  8. This looks so fun! My mom is dying to go to Italy, it’s #1 on her bucket list! I traveled with my mom to Croatia last year and had the best time. It was later mornings and earlier evenings than I was used to, but we had a great time and it was such a great bonding experience!


    1. Hello, yes you so are right it is a bonding experience:) and I totally recommend the North of Italy to your mom. There are so many great things to see, so close to one another.


  9. Thats great you were able to travel with your parents. I have done that in the past and as long as I have some leeway in planning the trip I am ok with it. Seems like it worked out well for you!


    1. Haha, yes you need extra time and some patience here and there. My biggest problem with them was that they didn’t want to let me pay for meals or train tickets in between locations. There were always discussions upon discussions, but that’s because they are parents and they mean well:)


  10. I have a love-hate relationship when I travel with my parents. Nonetheless, it was amazing, and I wish I could do it more often, with me paying for everything. Travelling with loved ones never go out of style!


  11. I haven’t been to the Northern part of Italy but definitely planning of visiting it soon. I would really love to travel with my parents however it would be impossible for them to travel that far. Cherish every moment and the opportunity to be with them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really hope it’s not a health issue that is stopping them. As for the N of Italy, it’s a great destination with so many things to see and do. Thank you for stopping by.


    1. Yes, all that and for us it was also very convenient because it is close to Romania and there are usually great deals from Bucharest to Milan. It takes less than 2 hours by plane.
      Happy travels to you too.


  12. It’s so lovely that you’ve made the effort to still travel with parents, even though you’re an adult! I think Italy is the perfect place for that type of vacation. It’s one of those “one size fits all” type places, it just doesn’t disappoint!


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